Unlike other sunrooms, all sunrooms from LivingSpace Sunrooms are individually designed and engineered with Computer Aided Design Technology. No off-the-shelf stock sizes or panels, no mixing and matching miscellaneous parts. Our parts are precision fabricated in a controlled manufacturing environment using computer guided saws and positioning systems. This means that your sunroom will be built efficiently, beautifully, and be perfectly fitted to your floor space.

Roof Styles

Choose from a cathedral roof with dramatic use of light and space, a more traditional gentle sloping studio roof, or easily integrate your new Elements sunroom under your existing home's architecture. Because of the superior strength and custom design of our sunrooms, we can build just about anything you can imagine to complement your home. We offer our EcoGreen energy-efficient roofing system as well as polycarbonate roofs.

Window Styles

The options never end with a sunroom from LivingSpace Sunrooms. We can add virtually any sized or style window to your sunroom. Whether you want your new addition to really pop from your home or you want it to blend seamlessly with your existing home's façade, our designers and engineers can create the perfect solution for you.


Customization is one of the leading features of a LivingSpace Sunrooms addition to your home. From specially insulated interior walls from the EcoGreen system to exteriors that perfectly match your home's brick exterior, we can't stress enough how limitless your customization options are—transform your home with your new customized sunroom today.


When we say truly make your sunroom your own—we mean it. From running cable-ready lines through your walls to installing heated floors, the possibilities to create a unique sunroom fit for the exact needs of your family never end.

Get the sunroom you’ve always dreamed of owning. No matter the amenities, design, or space you want or need—with our master engineers and expert designers, you’ll have a finished product built in a matter of days for your entire household to enjoy. Call LivingSpace Sunrooms today to schedule your consultation. Use our convenient Dealer Locater to find a LivingSpace Sunroom installer near you! Request a computer rendering of your sunroom to better envision the transformation for your home.

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Lifetime Warranty on your Sunroom!

Lifetime Warranty on your Sunroom!

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