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Lifetime Warranty on your Sunroom!

Lifetime Warranty on your Sunroom!

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Sunroom Styles

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Customization Options

Picture & Transom
Double Slider
Double Hung
Tilt & Slide
Single Door
French Door
Sliding Door
Knee Wall
Knee Wall
Windowed Wall
Windowed Wall
No Wall
No Knee Wall

Product Details

The flat roof design has made it a favorite of contemporary homes looking to complete the modern tiered or multi level design. The studio sunroom from LivingSpace Sunrooms is a favorite, one that has for many years served the multi-purpose needs of households across North America. Check out our gallery to see the many designs for a studio sunroom.

Studio Sunroom Addition

Our Elements Studio sunroom is truly one-of-a-kind. As a sunroom, it is custom engineered by our architects and designers to withstand severe weather conditions of all types. This means you can be sure your future sunroom is more than just an add-on to your home; it's an investment that will last you a lifetime. With durability, functionality, and style, our sunroom designs not only meet but exceed the standards set by the industry. We also offer plenty of options so you can customize your studio sunroom to meet your household's needs. See the benefits of owning a studio sunroom from LivingSpace Sunroom:

  • Custom engineered by experts
  • Built with high-performance fiberglass materials
  • Enjoy all year round
  • Window, door, wall style and amenity options
  • Energy-efficient, ecoGreen options
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • ...and more!

If you’re ready to get started on the process to owning your own all-season studio sunroom, contact the experts at LivingSpace Sunrooms today. Get in touch with a LivingSpace Sunroom dealer near you to learn more about how we can transform your home. If you’d like, we can also create a computer rendering of your sunroom’s specifications to see how it will look when completed.






LivingSpace Sunrooms Reviews

We looked at eight different building systems before we decided on your sunroom, but we definitely ended up making the right choice! There’s so much attention to detail, it was easily the best quality product we saw. We love the new sunroom- we practically live in it. It’s our relaxing room, our T...


Limited Lifetime Warranty

Our solutions all come with a warranty to perform well for a lifetime. We want to ensure your new investment stays looking sharp and retains value for as long as you’re using it.

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